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Great Communication = Great Events

Candid image of a group with succesful business people caught in an animated brainstorming meeting.jpegPosted by Joel Malek, National Account Manager

Having observed the planning and execution of several hundred events and meetings, I would use two words to describe those who had the highest degree of success — GREAT COMMUNICATION. Here are 4 things every event manager or event specialist should be communicating to their teams:

  1. The Purpose. Why is the organization spending resources, attending or putting on this event? So many companies are spending event dollars on events and trade shows without a defined purpose. A common understanding of the goal will lead to better results.
  2. The Plan. How we are going to execute and what are the roles of each team member? From pre-event to post-event, every team member should clearly understand their role and how it fits within the big picture. Assemble your event checklist and responsiblities early on in the process.
  3. The Outcome. What does a successful outcome look like from the perspective of each contributing team member? Stephen Covey’s famous statement, “Start with the end in mind”, is very appropriate when discussing the outcome of your next event.
  4. Communicate Trust. Trust is communicated. Avoid the temptation to micromanage team members’ event tasks. Hire good people and trust the plan you have put in place. The logo’d mugs will get there on time.

For a full checklist to properly prepare for your next trade show, download our helpful Expert's Guide to Trade Show Exhibiting.

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